Confluence Sustainability, true to its name, brings together like-minded professionals and organizations committed to sustainability across its full spectrum: environmental and resource conservation, recognition and preservation of unique social and cultural attributes, and economic vitality. We target our work on collaborative strategies and solutions utilizing travel and tourism as a catalyst for sustainable growth.

Our work encompasses destinations, public and private sector partnerships and organizations committed to broad based, stakeholder engagement to build scalable, multi-sector programs and replicable best practices. With experience in all sectors, we offer unique expertise in sustainability integration in the hospitality industry including the accommodation sector and resort development and management.

Whether our work is in travel and tourism, with multi-national corporations, or community-based industry and cooperatives, we believe that with vision and intention a balance can be achieved between meeting human needs and ecological systems. We are committed to work closely with our clients to meet these demands and support true sustainability integration and systematic culture change within organizations and networks.

At our core is a commitment to collaborative work that supports greater organizational alignment. Confluence Sustainability looks at projects holistically, creating innovative strategy and implementation resources that drive results and elevate the organization’s mission, vision and values.


Julie truly embraces sustainability, not just environmentalism and often times introduced new programs that reduced environmental impact and had a positive contribution on the bottom line. Julie is knowledgeable, passionate, and hard working and I strongly recommend her and hope to work with her again in the future. (Please note that despite sharing the same last name, Julie and I are not related).

Alex Klein, VP and GM, Grand Teton Lodge CompanyVail Resorts Hospitality/RockResorts

Julie’s vision and leadership and ongoing role has been instrumental in engaging the Vail Valley in sustainability initiatives. Her on-going role in our “Actively Green 2015” sustainable destination project, as part of the 2015 FIS Alpine Word Ski Championships, is invaluable. I highly recommend Confluence Sustainability.

Kim Langmaid, Vice President, Director of Sustainability & Stewardship ProgramsWalking Mountains Science Center

I have worked with Julie on a number of initiatives over the years, and am always so pleased when I have the opportunity to do so.  She is strategic and creative, pushing the envelope when it makes sense to, but also unafraid to roll up her sleeves to ensure details and logistics are well-handled. Most importantly, Julie always gives it her all and pushes those around her to deliver excellent results.


Jeremy Sampson, VP of Partnerships & OperationsSustainable Travel International

Julie is amazing at many things. Not only is she well versed in sustainability but is able to communicate effectively on strategic implementation and outcomes as it relates to ROI for business bottom line while saving the planet. She is a great addition to any team and is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend using her skills and expertise should you need a sustainability consultant for your property or business.

Ted Ning, Business Development Executive/Corporate Entrepreneur

Julie and I worked together at both Grand Teton Lodge Company and at the corporate office for Vail Resorts for a total of over seven years. During that time Julie was responsible for moving forward some of the most innovative environmental initiatives in the travel industry…I have never met someone that pushes harder to implement new environmental initiatives, who also understands the needs of the business.

Alex Klein, VP and GM of Grand Teton Lodge Company, Vail Resorts Hospitality/RockResorts

Julie is the consummate environmental leader/subject matter expert focused upon helping businesses create sustainable business models and making a real difference in the world. Julie’s leadership results in real and lasting change through greater operational efficiencies, assured compliance, enhanced employee engagement, and environmental best practices.

Mark Gasta, Executive Vice President & Chief People Officer, Vail Resorts

Julie is a diligent professional who will take initiative to lead, singularly — and knows when and how to engage others to build a team of active stakeholders. I have known Julie for many years and her passion for sustainability is built-in not a bolt-on!

Virginia ('G') Winter, Principal, Equinox Consultancy LLC