Confluence Sustainability

True to our name, we bring together like-minded professionals and organizations committed to sustainability. We work across the full spectrum of sustainability, including environmental and resource conservation, preservation of unique social and cultural attributes, and economic vitality. Confluence Sustainability focuses on collaborative strategies and solutions utilizing travel and tourism as a catalyst for sustainable growth.

Our work encompasses destinations, public and private sector partnerships and organizations that are committed to broad based, stakeholder engagement. Through collaboration and commitment we are able to build scalable, multi-sector programs and replicable best practices. With experience in all sectors, we also offer unique expertise in sustainability integration in the hospitality industry including the accommodation sector and resort development and management.

Whether working with travel and tourism, multi-national corporations, or community-based industry and cooperatives, it is through vision and intention we strive to achieve a balance between meeting human needs and the needs of ecological systems. We work closely with our clients to meet these demands to support true sustainability integration and systematic culture change within organizations and networks.

Our core commitment is collaborative work that supports greater organizational alignment. Confluence Sustainability looks at projects holistically and creates innovative strategy and implementation resources to drive results and elevate the organization’s mission, vision and values.

We see the forest and the trees.

Julie is amazing at many things. Not only is she well versed in sustainability but is able to communicate effectively on strategic implementation and outcomes as it relates to ROI for business bottom line while saving the planet. She is a great addition to any team and is a joy to work with. I would highly recommend using her skills and expertise should you need a sustainability consultant for your property or business.

Ted Ning, Business Development Executive/Corporate Entrepreneur